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longwall shearer in action at Twentymile underground thermal coal mine in USA

What is Longwall Mining?

Longwall coal mining is a highly-productive method of extracting coal from underground mines. This method involves using a machine called a "longwall shearer," which is a large machine that cuts away a rectangular panel of coal in a single pass. As the machine advances, the panel of coal is cut away and transported to the surface. Longwall mining is seen as a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional "bord-and-pillar" methods of coal mining, which involve excavating rooms in the coal seam and leaving pillars of coal to support the roof. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at longwall mining, including its history, the equipment used, and some of the innovative variations of the mining method adopted in the mining industry.

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What is a Lowwall?

In coal mining terms, a lowwall is the up-dip face/slope which is excavated along the limit/line of oxidation (LOX line) during the boxcut mine development stage. As the boxcut and pit advances down-dip with each successive strip, overburden material (or spoil) is progressively in-pit dumped on the lowwall. In this article, we introduce some of the key concepts surrounding lowwall geotechnical and mine design.

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Seequent's Leapfrog Geo software - from 2D GIS maps to 3D geological models

The Best Software for 3D Geological Modelling

In this post, we discuss the best software for 3D geological modelling, resource estimation, and exploration geology. There are many software packages tailored for today's exploration, mine, and resource geologists. If you're just starting out in the mining industry, it can be hard to differentiate between them and make an informed technical and commercial choice. Whether you're a junior mineral exploration company or a seasoned geological consultant, we're going to introduce some of the products that have helped mine gold in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and iron ore from the riches of Western's Australia's Pilbara region. We'll also outline the key benefits of each 3D geological modelling software package.

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open cut metal mine

What is a Standard 11 Mining Induction?

A 'Standard 11 (S11) Mining Induction' is a required course for new starters to work on a coal or metalliferous mine in Queensland. Read on to learn more about the different types of Standard 11 Mining Inductions and where you can find a training provider near you to kick-start your career in the Australian mining industry!

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example of a final highwall at an open cut strip mine near Singleton in New South Wales' Hunter Valley
Mining Terminology

What is a Highwall?

In coal mining terms, a highwall is the excavated face/slope which advances down-dip with each successive strip that is mined in an open cut strip mine. In this article, we introduce some of the key concepts surrounding highwall excavation sequence, geotechnical and mine design, and alternative mining methods to recover additional coal reserves beyond final highwalls.

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Example of a boxcut excavated as a bulk sample pit at a proposed open cut thermal coal mine in the Galilee Basin, Central Queensland
Mining Terminology

What is a Boxcut?

In mining terms, a boxcut (also written box cut, box-cut) is the first shallow excavation which serves several purposes in both open cut and underground mining operations, coal and hardrock alike.

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